Beebe Springs Natural Area

Beebe Springs Natural Area Just outside of Chelan on the Columbia River sits a little reserve from the Department of Wildlife. The several acres are home to many different types of wildlife along with very nice walking trails, resting points, and informative signs that tell the history of the land and information about the species …

Ellensburg 2016

Wild Horse Solar & Wind Facility This is a real cool place to visit. It is free and there are many displays and information in the visitor center. There is also a tour (we didn’t do it) where you can walk the field around the visitor center and tour an actual turbine. This is also …


Some various animals from my travels.


Here are a couple water scenes I shot last year.


I stumbled upon an old car outside of Wenatchee.  Here are a few pictures.


These are from a few years back.  I haven’t had the same luck with lightning but another year is upon us soon. We will see

Carson Rides Again

Carson got a new bike for Christmas and since the snow has melted he can finally ride. When we inboxed the bike he said he wanted to ride like his brothers and not use training wheels. I brought him out and only had to hold him up once. Well the best I could. Once he …

Vignette Collection

Here are some pictures from the Cashmere Apple Days at the Cashmere Museum.  I plan to visit the museum again for another photo tour.

Deception & Alpine Falls 3/8/2016

I was itching for some camera time yesterday but needed easy access. Looking at my map I settled on Alpine & Deception falls. Both are right off the highway and very easy to walk to. I wish I could have taken the time to walk the trails at Deception but I didn’t want to push …