Month: April 2016

Beebe Springs Natural Area

Just outside of Chelan on the Columbia River sits a little reserve from the Department of Wildlife. The several acres are home to many different types of wildlife along with very nice walking trails, resting points, and informative signs that tell the history of the land and information about the species of animals there. Although I didn’t see everything I saw trout and other fish in the stream, birds, and vast landscapes. Read more

Ellensburg 2016

Wild Horse Solar & Wind Facility

This is a real cool place to visit. It is free and there are many displays and information in the visitor center. There is also a tour (we didn’t do it) where you can walk the field around the visitor center and tour an actual turbine. This is also a wildlife sanctuary (so to speak). Just driving into the property we saw a herd of elk and deer. We didn’t get a great shot of the elk because we were so far away. I need to invest in another lens. More information about the PSE facility. Read more