12734290_10154030332660962_5478495443897497631_nMy name is Cory. I am a web/application developer specializing in Microsoft SharePoint technologies. I have been working with SharePoint, well since it got the name SharePoint. In 2003 I was involved one of Microsoft’s Rapid Adoption Programs for all of the Office 2003 products which kicked off a career with the technologies of SharePoint, SQL, InfoPath, and Workflow Automation. In 2006 I began working as a vendor with Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) as a SharePoint Administrator. During that time I was sent for training on K2 Workflow integration with SharePoint. Later I moved on to Clearwire Wireless and during the merger between Sprint and Clearwire I moved back to Microsoft. I spent the next 9 years working with different departments at Microsoft developing web applications and intake systems. In 2013 I was given the opportunity to work at Seattle Goodwill as their SharePoint Developer/Administrator.

In the summer of 2015 while working at Seattle Goodwill I fell ill and was diagnosed with Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis from a gallstone that was stuck in my pancreas. This stone caused my pancreas to become infected and necrotize which essentially means it was digested and infected. My pancreas was split in two from the process and does not function properly at all. I am now a diabetic (insulin dependant) and still to this day ill from the effects. It is a very painful disease that there is no cure for. When I first fell ill my body became sepsis and I had multi-organ failure. I was not expected to survive. After a week in the ICU I was airlifted from Wenatchee to Seattle and spent another month in the CCU (ICU) of Virginia Mason and later moved for another three months to another area where I was under constant monitoring. I was malnourished, had muscle atrophy, anemia, severe delirium, and other infections. In October I was finally given food for the first time since July. The month of October was spent basically learning how to walk again, get dressed, and re-train my body to life. I fought very hard to get out of the hospital and worked very hard to prove that I was capable of life on the outside again. I was finally released in November but had to return every two weeks for a CT Scan and tube check. It is called a tube check when the hospital checks the external drains that were draining bile from my stomach and pancreas using a real time CT scan and X-rays. In February 2016 the drains were removed. I still have a permanent stent which drains pancreatic fluid to my stomach. In March 2017 I finally had my gallbladder removed. It was supposed to be a simple 2 hour procedure. That didn’t work so they had to open me up the old fashioned way. Turns out my gallbladder had grown into my colon and calcified. Ended up having a 12 hour surgery that required 2 surgeons. So I have all the scars from the laparoscopic attempt and big cut from my sternum and down my right side. The surgeons were great though and got the job done. I was pretty sore for about a month. I still have flare ups every so often that put me out for a day or two. When the pancreas gets mad, it will let you know, and it hurts.

I am married and have four boys. I enjoy spending as much time as I can with them. Things sure are different now but I manage the best I can to be involved. Some days are good but many are bad where sometimes the pain is not tolerable and I must be sitting or resting in bed. Other things I enjoy are fishing, target shooting, geek stuff (computers and other gadgets), and traveling. I love just going to a map, picking a spot and hit the road. See what I can find.


327378-angleDuring the good days I try to enjoy photography. I used to venture out quite a bit and spend many nights in the elements of nature taking pictures. Now most of my shots are taking from the comforts of the seat of a car.

I shoot with a Canon 70D with a variety of lenses and a Canon Rebel T2i as a backup. I would like to begin taking what I call “people pictures.” It is a great hobby and in some cases I can get some exercise. One day maybe I will be well enough to hike again. I specialize more in nature photography like wild animals, lightning, scenic waterfalls, and much more.